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TRENDING: Kiki and Jay's relationship has ended in tears

TRENDING: Kiki and Jay’s relationship has ended in tears

One of Ghana’s popular YouTube couples who double as brand ambassadors, influencer and content creators publicly known as Kiki and Jay have come out boldly to tell the public that their four years of relationship has been end prematurely due to reasons we don’t know yet.

Jay & Kiki – Social Influencers

The popular couples were seen to be in a perfect relationship, who will make you feel like falling in love all over again, we can say, they were the role models to young people in a relationship and a lot of young ones looked up to them.

Just last two days Jay did an Instagram live telling her fans and the general public that her relationship with Kiki Montana has ended due to some reasons she didn’t want to disclose. As if this was not enough, rumor has it that she has deleted all the pics they have together on their Instagram page.

Kiki on the other hand has created a different YouTube channel and has come out with a video explaining what Happened vividly, he told his fans in the video that his four years relationship with Jasmine who’s popularly knows as Jay was ended with just a text message.

From Kiki’s side of the story it’s obvious that Jay ended the relationship and not the other way round. Kiki Montana has lost over 1000 followers just because of the Instagram live Jay did and this is very heart breaking, Kiki burst into tears on camera while trying to explain the whole saga.

Tap on the link to see what Kiki has to say on this issue:-

Kiki and Jay are known for these kind of pranks we hope this is not one of them because many of their fans have vow to unsubscribe from their channel when they realize it’s a prank.

Stay tune with us as we bring you all on the info on this story.


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