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AUDIO: Cabum Breaks Silence On “Weed-On-Stage” Saga And He Codones The Act

Fast rising hip hop/hip life act Cabum Chedishi faced a lot of backlash after he brought what was believed to be Indian hemp popular known as “weed” on stage during his performance at the DJ Slim invasion concert which took place at the Kumasi City Mall on 16th December, 2018.

During the “atigya” hitmaker’s performance on stage, he was seen to be in the company of what many believed to be marijuana. Although a section of the public speculated it could be part of his stage craft or to create some awareness, the artist has confirmed that the piece he had in his hand is exactly what people are speculating it to be.

Speaking on a phone interview with , Cabum explained that his act was to encourage the youth not shun away from something they do that makes them feel good. He added that the youth have been consuming and abusing a lot of drugs in the system that has been detrimental to their health. Typical of such drugs is tramadol but he, Cabum, has not seen anyone who has experienced any severe side effects consuming marijuana.

He further explained that anything you do, be it good or bad  it’s between you and your God hence if you feel good smoking weed, there is no way you should feel bad in public about it when consuming it. He also approved that any other drug the youth of today have been consuming isn’t good for their health with the exception of marijuana.

This revelation of his has come at a point where the country is doing its best to get rid of substance abuse of all kinds with various campaign messages. Public education and sensitization.

DJ SLim invasion 2018 saw performances from various artiste including Strongman, cabum, kuame Eugene, kwasi Arthur and a host of other artist. This year’s event was sponsored by Orijin.

(Credit: Edem Kobby Mathias)


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