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J. Cole Going to Retire After Dropping The Fall Off

J. Cole Going to Retire After Dropping The Fall Off

Top-notch American rapper J Cole made a big music announcement via Instagram on Tuesday (Dec. 29), appearing to reveal he has multiple projects in the works. However, the caption of the revelation has people thinking retirement is near for the rap superstar.

The photo itself featured a list titled The Fall Off Era, under which are a list of words. The words Features and #ROTD3 are crossed out, signifying they have been completed. The words The Off Season, It’s a Boy and The Fall Off are under that. The caption reads, “I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram…”

While elated that we may be getting new #Cole music soon, some fans have grabbed on to the “[before] I scram” part in the caption, which appears to imply that The Fall Off will be the N.C. MC’s last project. “J. Cole pretty much just confirmed his retirement from #rap will be after The Fall Off sad too see the first rapper I really got hooked on retire,” one Twitter user posted.


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